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  • Audit:

    • I participated in audit on "Outcome of joint replacement in obese patients"reviewing 630 patients from Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary in 2019. It was presented at the department meeting in July 2020 and at the International Arthroplasty Conference April 2021.
    • Audit on the cost and benefit of Hyaluronic acid intraarticular injection for knee OA, finding no difference between low & high cost. Published in 2017.
    • I am the principal investigator of the Egyptian Community Arthroplasty Register. Established in 2007, joined the International Society of arthroplasty Registers (ISAR) in 2013 as an associate member. Its data have been used to conduct several audits projects. These are the most important audit projects based on the registry.
    • Audit on "The need for blood transfusion in unilateral and bilateral TKR". Done with anaesthetists and a quality manager reviewing 108 TKRs. The recommendation was to stop booking blood for TKR even for bilateral cases. Audit loop was closed and its data was published as a paper in 2016
    • Audit of "Periprosthetic joint infection" in including regional hospitals 5216 cases. Presented at ISAR, Gothenburg, 2015. Now, the paper is submitted for publication.
    • Audit on "Outcome of hip and knee arthroplasty with view to the survival of implants" Looking at 500 cases in 2013. We identfiyed poor survival of a low cost TKR implant that was stopped. The audit loop was closed. Data was presented in 2014 ISAR meeting in Boston, USA.
    • Research on "The outcome of cemented stainless steel Furlong THR" This was conducted at Dewsbury District Hospital. Presented in EFORT 2003,abstract published in JBJS-Br proceedings 2004.
    • Audit of "Risk of radiation to the hands of orthopaedic surgeons" at different level of experiences; consultants and trainees" 1999. It was published in archive of orthopaedics Journal 2005