1. Professor of Orthopaedics and Head of the Orthopaedic Department, October 6 University, & Arthroplasty surgeon, Cairo, Egypt
  2. Locum Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon (part time), NHS hospitals, UK
  3. Examiner, SICOT Diploma, World Orthopaedic Organization, Belgium
  4. Representative of Egypt in International Society of Arthroplasty Registries, Sweden
  5. Executive Committee Member, International Federation of Inventors Associations, Geneva, Switzerland
  6. Executive Committee Member in CAOS-International Society, Bern, Switzerland
  7. Editor & reviewer to few orthopaedic, medical & scientific journals & institutes
  8. Board Member and Ex Vice President of the American Fracture Association, IL, USA.
  9. Founder of the Egyptian Musculoskeletal Research Association, Egypt
  10. Chairman of the Int Arthroplasty Conference and the Orthopaedic Review Course, Egypt
  11. Founder and Ex CEOof Al Mohsen Medical charity, Cairo, Egypt

Hi, I am Mahmoud. I was born in Egypt of Arabic and Islamic origin but I belong to humanity. I lived in 4 continents and I came in contact with human beings from different ethnic, religious, cultural and social classes.  I believe that mankind is the same everywhere and good nature is always there when you look for it. I also believe there is a child inside every wild man and woman, if you address the child, then you can communicate with the wild and possibly you can make a change.

I have 7 professions: orthopaedic surgeon, teacher, surgical trainer, researcher, editor, manager and poet. Can I do all these contradictory jobs? Yes, because I love them all. Do I have time for that? Yes I do, but with a bit of struggle trying not to encroach on my family time. However, I am still looking forward to make full use of my skills and experiences to benefit the society.

Throughout my life, I gained few characteristics that made me different: I am optimistic because I know from experience that things, which may seem impossible at one time, will be easy to achieve later. I have scientific curiosity which I developed in childhood. I am also self-critic as I spend few minutes at the end of the day for reflection and to review what I did.

I am a humble person and I do not think I am going to change, whatever I achieve and however high my position is. I have a mechanism to keep myself humble. That mechanism always reminds me that I am a weak human being every time I get the feeling that I do an exceptionally good thing: a poem, a surgical operation, a discovery, a revolution or a voluntary work.

Mahmoud A Hafez, FRCS Ed, MD

Professor & Head of the Orthopaedic Unit,

October 6 University,Cairo, Egypt 




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