Clinical Exp.

  •  Training and clinical experience

I have been interested in orthopaedics since my graduation in 1985. Since then, I had no gaps in my training and employment and all my jobs were directly related to orthopaedics. I worked in 5 countries (Egypt, KSA, UK, USA& Canada) with different health care systems; each country has different endemic diseases and its own challenging conditions.

   My special interest is hip and knee arthroplasty but I have a broad based experience in general orthopaedics and traumatology that was gained during my training andwork in UK for > 10 years. During my SpR training, I rotated to all orthopaedic subspecialties (trauma, hip and knee, foot & ankle, spine, paediatric and upper limb surgery) except oncology. The North American fellowship (Pittsburgh and Toronto) gave me a valuable experiencein lower limb arthroplasty & computer assisted surgery. During my Toronto job, I used to perform about 5 to 7hip & knee arthroplasty procedures per week. These procedures included primary & revision total hip arthroplasty (THA) & total knee arthroplasty (TKA), navigation TKA, navigationhip resurfacing.

   In Egypt, I usually perform about 7-10 joint replacement procedures per week. I use conventional and navigational techniques for single TKA, while I routinely use patient specific instruments (PSI) for bilateral simultaneous TKA. For THA, I normally do uncemented using different bearing surfaces such as metal on poly or ceramic on ceramic. I usually use lateral approach but occasionally posterior approach for revision & hip resurfacing. I established an arthroplasty register in 2007 and recently, I applied a fast-track arthroplasty protocol with a preoperative arthroplasty class that resulted in better recovery with a reduction in blood transfusion.  
    I am the head of the orthopaedic department, October 6 University Hospital, Cairo, Egypt. This is a teaching university hospital with > 300 beds. Clinical duties include running the orthopaedic department, outpatient clinic, operative surgery as I perform > 10 operative cases per week, the majority are trauma and arthroplasty cases. I haveacademic responsibilities e.g. research & teaching (under- and postgraduate). I established a training program in orthopaedics that has been developed to be “professional diploma”in association withthe Arab Medical Union.
    In Cairo, I work as a part time Consultant Arthroplasty Surgeon at Al Helal Orthopaedic Hospital, Cairo, Egypt. It is a tertiary referral centre for the Ministry of Health It is the national orthopaedic hospital and the largest one in the region with > 350 orthopaedic beds and > 70 orthopaedic consultants in all subspecialties. I do 2 outpatient & 2 operative sessions a week. Cases are usually complicated primary hip & knee arthroplasty (e.g. neglected #s, deformities & revision) 

    In UK, I work as a part time consultant orthopaedic surgeon in NHS hospitals (locum duringsummer holiday), to keep myself updated with UK practice. This work usually involves outpatient clinics and operative sessions predominantly hip and knee arthroplasty ± on call for trauma. 

  •   Management experience
- Head of the orthopaedic Dept. at both October 6 University and its teaching hospital 
- Founder & Head of the Egyptian Musculoskeletal Research Association (EMRA), Egypt
- Chairman of the Int Arthroplasty Conference and the Orthopaedic Review Course, Egypt
- Admin Senior Registrar:  I was the Admin Reg when I was year 4 SpR. I was organising the staff rota for Leeds General Infirmary and Chapel Allerton Hospital from March to July 2003. This hybrid rota served 27 doctors (HOs to consultants).
- Team working and communication: During my post in Spinal Injuries in Oswestry, I was one of a team who was responsible to declare to patients & relatives the outcome of the injury e.g. tetraplegia. Then working on the return of patients back to the community.
- Organisation: During my research post at Hull University, I was responsible to organise meetings (writing the agenda and the minutes) and liasing between surgeons and engineersin the three Universities Hull, Dundee and Loughborough.
- Initiatives: I often take the initiatives in teaching, research and occasionally in social activities. I volunteered to run the journal club and to organise workshops and clinical teaching in UK and Egypt. I initiated ideas and led the teamin most of my research work.