Achievements & Awards

  • Patents (16)

    1. A Device and A Technique of PSI for TKA with A Universal and An Open Platform. PCT/EG2013/000014
    2. Patient specific instruments and related methods for joint replacement. US61/641,851
    3. An Apparatus and system for acquiring data from bone and joints, plan surgery and manufacture instruments and implants PCT/EG2016/000015
    4. A tool for custom made instruments and implants for artificial knee joint of dog PCT/EG2015/000014
    5. A method for connected custom made guides to conventional instruments for joint replacement PCT/EG2015/000013
    6. A patient specific template and method for partial knee replacement. PCT/EG2017/000030
    7. A Method and Device for patient Specific Instruments for One Stage and Two Stages of Revision Knee Arthroplasty Using Constraint and Hinged Knee Implant. PCT/EG2018/000005
    8. 15-in-1 Femoral Cutting Block and Guide for Knee Replacement. EG 2016/ 1906
    9. Patient specific guide for pedicle screw insertion in scoliosis surgery. EG 2018/448
    10. Patient specific guide for deformity correction and osteotomy. EG 2018/447
    11. Method and device for patient specific shoulder replacement. EG 2018/667
    12. A patient specific spacer. EG 2018/654
    13. Method and patient specific template for fixation of benign tumor fractures. EG 2018/655
    14. 3-in1 custom made block for ankle replacement. EG 2018/805
    15. Patient specific guides for acetabulum defects in hip replacement based on bone quality. EG 2018/804
    16. Custom made guides for knee replacement based on reference cuts and 2D data of knee implants. EG 2018/1118
  • Awards & grants

    • Grants:

      • Research Grant (£ 62,000) for my MD project, EPSRC, UK, 2001
      • Innovation grant (250,000 LE), to exploit a patent by Academy of Scientific Research & Technology (ASRT) & Misr El Kheir (MEK) Foundation, Egypt 2012
    • Awards:

      • UK Alumni Award (winner, Entrepreneurial), British Council, Cairo, Egypt, Feb 2018
      • Semi-finalist for Business Plan Competition for PSI Innovation, Orthopaedic Research Society (ORS), USA, 2018
      • Gold Medal with appreciation of the jury by Geneva inventions, Switzerland for my patent “hospital based apparatus for PSI”, 2016 and “open platform device for PSI” 2014 and Silver Medal for my patent on canine (dogs) artificial knee joint, 2015
      • Certificate of recognition in Science, Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, Ministry of Higher Education, Cairo, Egypt, 2015
      • Silver Medal for my patent on canine (dogs) artificial knee joint, Geneva inventions, Switzerland 2015
      • IFIA Laurel of 4th World Cup of Computer Implemented Inventions, International Federation of Inventors Association, Geneva, 2014
      • Gold Medal with appreciation of the jury for my patent “open platform device for PSI” Geneva inventions, Switzerland 2014
      • Life time membership, International Society for Technology in Arthroplasty, USA 2013
      • Hap Paul award, International Society for Technology in Arthroplasty, USA 2010
      • Certificate of Recognition in Teaching, Arab Medical Union, 2010
      • Exemplary Surgeon Award by the Ministry of Health, Egypt, 2009
      • Certificate of Recognition, The Medical School, October 6 University, Egypt, 2008
      • Listed in “Who is Who in Medicine” 2006 & “Who is Who in Engineering” USA, 2007
      • Japanese SICOT Award, Japan, 2005
      • British Orthopaedic Association Travelling Fellowship Award, 2004
      • Pfizer Academic Award, UK 2004
      • Meyerding Essay Award, American Fracture Association, USA, 1999